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Office Address

266 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 159, Casselberry, FL 32707

(Note: This is our physical address for where we are located.

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Mailing Address

5703 Red Bug Lake Road, #275, Winter Springs, FL 32708

info@semdems.com  |  (321) 549-8683


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Precinct Captains

Help turn Seminole Blue by becoming a precinct captain!


The map below shows where we currently have and need precinct captains.  If you live in a red area, we need a precinct captain in your area!  If your area is light blue, we have one captain already that can help you in your area.

Precinct Captains are the local leaders and coordinators in their area.  We have many volunteers that just need someone to point them where to go and tell them what to do.  We need you to STEP UP and be that person. 

Activities you will help with

  • Write post cards to remind Democrats to vote

  • Staff tables at local events like Bark N Brew

  • Collect petitions for candidates and amendments

  • Knock on Doors of Democrats in your area

  • Make Phone Calls to Democrats to get out the vote

These are the activities that will make a difference and WIN elections.  In Seminole County, we only need to increase voter turnout by 3% to WIN an election.  A little effort can go a long way.


As a precinct captain, you don’t have to do all these activities yourself.  For example, if you have trouble walking, you don’t have to go out knocking on doors.  We need your help in coordinating local volunteers to do these activities.  Our Activity Leader will train you on how to do these activities and let you know what activities you need to be working on.  Note: We only call or knock on doors of registered Democrats or friendly NPA's so the people you meet should be friendly. 


We also have several captains that you will team with to learn from and help each other out as well.  The map is divided into area clusters where the captains work together on activities so you’re never working alone.  The clusters also meet as a social group to have fun and discuss recent events.


  1. Be a Democrat registered to vote in Seminole County. 

  2. Attend Seminole County Democratic Party General Meetings regularly. 

  3. Email credentials@semdems.com and express your interest in becoming a Precinct Captain.  We need your voting address to verify what precinct you are in.

  4. Credentials will confirm that there is an opening in your precinct and you qualify to be a SemDems Precinct Captain. 

  5. Get voted in by existing members at an upcoming General Meeting, and you're in!