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Office Address

266 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 159, Casselberry, FL 32707

(Note: This is our physical address for where we are located.

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Mailing Address

5703 Red Bug Lake Road, #275, Winter Springs, FL 32708

info@semdems.com  |  (321) 549-8683


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Precinct Captains

The best way to make a difference in upcoming elections is to become a Precinct Captain. Precinct Captains are a vital part of the Democratic Party, and are voting members of the organization. View Precinct Map


The main focus of the Seminole County Democratic Party is to get Democrats elected to every seat at a local, state, and federal level. 


Attend General Meetings (Quorum is required at meetings for voting purposes). Actively participate in the organization, joining at least one club, committee, or caucus. Organize and outreach to voters in Seminole County, collecting petitions, registering voters, raising awareness, and promoting upcoming elections and Democratic candidates. Voter outreach is generally done through canvassing (knocking on doors), phonebanking (making phone  calls), and through the mail. Votebuilder is the voter database that we use to organize and track our efforts. Guidance and training will be provided.

Please note: You do not need to knock on every door in your precinct. It is your responsibility to organize efforts to outreach to voters and build the Seminole Democratic Party into what we want it to be.

5 Areas of Focus

• County Level Organizing (Join a SemDems Committee!)

• House District Candidate Help

• Precinct Cluster Coordination

• Precinct Outreach

View Seminole County SoE Precinct Map

View Google Map

• Make Personal Community Connections


  1. Be a Democrat registered to vote in Seminole County. 

  2. Attend Seminole County Democratic Party General Meetings regularly. 

  3. Email credentials@semdems.com and express your interest in becoming a Precinct Captain, or speak with a SemDems Board Member at any of our events.

  4. Credentials will confirm that there is an opening in your precinct and you qualify to be a SemDems Precinct Captain. 

  5. Get voted in by existing members at an upcoming General Meeting, and you're in! 



Once you become a Precinct Captain or Associate Member, view our training and materials page to get started. 

View Materials